Monday, November 10, 2008

Movie Monday - RADIO DAYS

Radio Days
Woody Allen

This movie had me cracking up the very first time I watched it. So much nostalgia, so much laughter!!!

It's a light, airy comedy that is somewhat autobiographical of Woody Allen's life as a boy in New York during World War 2. Even if you are not a Woody fan, you will appreciate the commonality that all families share (dysfunction, humor etc.).

There are two main storylines that go on in this film but it's so easy to watch and grasp and enjoy!

The first storyline is about a family (Woody Allen's) that all live together in a small town in New York during the war. He showcases his quirky family characters
in this opening scene. Woody's character is engrossed in listening to the radio (what our grandfathers must have loved equally to modern day video games). It effects his family as well, for they each have a specific favorite radio program and love of the medium.

The other hilarious storyline is focused on what really goes on behind the radio...the entertainers themselves as it showcases a young (not so talented) actress trying to make her way in the entertainment industry and make a name for herself in radio (equal to tv and movies today). You'll get an idea of poor
Sally's fumbling struggles in this scene.

This is a great "get some hot cocoa and laugh" movie for a cold autumn night!

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I really want to see this one!