Tuesday, November 4, 2008

NOVEMBER means....

Welcome, NOVEMBER!

November: It's the "Jan Brady" of the more popular December.

Fall Cleaning (prepping and doing a thorough cleaning of the home for the upcoming winter months). Why do so many dead bugs gather in window sills?

Pies. Lots of Pies. Mom would bake about 11 pies at one time. They just sat there on a long buffet taunting us:
"Eat me. Ha! You're gonna Gain. Eat Me. Gain."

Hospitality. But not the Martha Stewart kind.
Time to gather my family around the table and eat till our waistbands made a mark against our skin and buttons hung on for dear life on pants.

My family is not your typical "Norman Rockwell-esque" family that gathers around a table of excitement. Rather, it's the ethnic Italian version of testosterone tv addicted males watching football on a multitude of channels (minus my husband who doesn't follow sports, bless his heart) and frenzied cooking, baking females who gauge the dinner according to "half-time" (sans my father who cleans up because he LIKES to, strange blessed little man)

I like November. I can feel less stress in November. Once December comes around, fooooorget it - all bets are off. It's all lights and carols and long lines at mall parking lots.

So, I think I will stick with enjoying November for it's autumnal color and "calm before the storm" peacefulness.

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BRAT girl said...

LOL at your family. Mine isn't typical either...it's very informal. Eat and everyone lounge around on the livingroom floor, pile up on the couches and recliners to snooze during a rented movie. Thankfully my mom also does the pies and a man in the family takes on the turkey!