Sunday, November 2, 2008


Where Do I Begin?

This week, I saw a little of this.....

Manpiles are Sexy!
Then came Halloween and my dog got treats from his Godmother and favorite girlfriend, Aunt Anna!
(p.s. that is my husband's feet, yes...embarrassing. He wears socks with flip flops, which resemble goat hooves)
We got a visit from our neighbor dog, Gabby, for Halloween. She was dressed as a witch that was being ridden by another witch (as seen on this cape)
We took Finnegan to his vet for his acupuncture treatment for his traumatized hip, back and leg... Here he is looking up in prayer that it will be an easy session for him!
Please make it be ok?
I made a basket of cheer for our thoughtful neighbors and did it in a "PEAR" theme. To a Pear/Pair of Really Nice People~! Pear candle, Pear jellybeans, Pear butter, Biscotti, two Pear mugs with real pears and tea and a pear towel....Took a bit of effort to find pear items in different stores but it's worth it. They are swell neighbors!
Mark caught a fuzzy wuzzy cutey caterpillar outside and talked to him a little bit about the upcoming winter season. Apparently, caterpillars are supposed to know about winter weather, so says my farm-loving husband.
But the caterpillar was getting tired of Mark's chatting so he rolled up into a little ball and took a nap. I think Mark got his feelings hurt.
More to come!

3 comments: said...

What a fabulous week! The witch on witch costume is SO cute! I think pets in costumes are one of my favorite parts of Halloween.

Finesse said...

Goat hooves....I just spit tea on my computer!
I love your life!

BRAT girl said...

lol - sounds like a great week! Your dog looking up in prayer melted my heart! And the fuzzy wuzzy weather predictor - LOL!