Friday, December 5, 2008

Finnegan Friday ~ Some commentary from the dog!

Woof Greetings!

Finnegan here. Mommy is getting caught up today with so many things. It's been a very busy couple of weeks for her.

You had to see her a few weeks ago after her wisdom teeth surgery! Wow! She was in so much pain. She brought her teeth home from the doctor's office to show dad and he said she was butchered. Then he went on to comment about how he had his taken out in the navy and it was clean and simple and how her teeth "still had meat on them". As a dog, even I felt nauseated.

She was a trooper though....she had all 4 taken out at once and since she is older it caused a lot more pain than anticipated and her recovery is a lot slower. She is still numb in her chin and she makes funny faces all the time.

mom had to go to a charity bingo event & her crazy brother-in-law snapped a candid of her in misery from surgery. mom then gave him the evil eye...he had a headache the next day.
I tried to lick her to make her feel better but she shooed me away. I understand. When my trauma accident occurred over the summer I was in so much pain. We bond now. Pain in her mouth. Pain in my paw. I feel closer to mommy more than ever.

Excuse me for a minute, I have to go lick myself.

Ok, I'm back.

To update you, my BFF girlfriend in the whole wide world died a few weeks ago. Skye the husky was in pain and discomfort for a while but her family finally decided to take her to the vet and they found out that she had a blockage in her stomach. Skye is my next door neighbor girlfriend dog and was loved by the whole neighborhood for her gentle and friendly ways. The x-ray revealed she ate a feminine hygiene product. I was heartbroken. I went over to her backyard and sniffed around and she wasn't there. We've been inseparable for 3 years. This is really hard for my doggy brain to understand. I feel robbed of a best friend and playmate. I will see her in doggie heaven someday.

Mommy has her French Music on right now to get her motivated to clean and start decorating. I guess she thinks listening to french music makes her more sophisticated with her clutter. I just want to play....I'm a hyper dog and she feels guilty for not playing with me 24/7 but I have to learn to be patient and be more calm. Like THAT will ever happen!

I love you woofs!


Abby said...

Finn, I love your post, I wish my mommy would let me write a post but she thinks I would slobber on the computer....A girl can always dream!!!

BRAT girl said... entertaining! Better days are coming, sad pup. :)

fioretta said...

Hi Finn! Great post, and keep taking good care of your mom. :)