Monday, December 1, 2008

Movie Monday ~ "HOLIDAY INN"

Get yourself a cup of hot chocolate. Add a huuuuge dollop of whipped cream and plug this beloved movie into the tube.

Holiday Inn, by Irving one of my favorite movies for many reasons least of all the premier of the song
"WHITE CHRISTMAS". Want to see a warm and fuzzy clip from the movie that makes you all comfy cozy inside? Click here!

Makes you want to give a mistletoe kiss to crooner Bing Crosby, doesn't it? You'll love this movie which includes excellent choreography and dance numbers with Fred Astaire - check out the vintage clothes for inspiration (some outfits never go out of style). The blackface number still gathers controversy but it was 1942! Nobody was politically correct back then!

You'll love the charm and comedic steps this little film has to offer and I think it's an excellent choice to put on the TV while trimming the tree!



Sirkfeb1 said...

Funny, I never heard of this movie. I was flipping through the on demand movies on Thanksgiving Day before dinner and it was there so I watched it. I loved it! I have a huge crush on Bing Crosby! :)

BRAT girl said...

I've never heard of it either but it sounds like something I'd love so I'm searching for it! Thanks!