Friday, December 12, 2008

Fridays with FINNEGAN ~ Holiday Prep

Finnegan here! Woof Woof to you all! Mom is so exhausted and funked out with all the stuff over the house. She's been decorating little by little all week and I think the chaos of it all is starting to effect her.

She corrects me when I try to pull the lights out of the box for her (I'm just trying to help is all!!!). She corrects me when I put a christmas ball in my mouth (I'm just finding where it needs to go). She corrects me when I run away with the "faux" sparkly cupcakes. How am I supposed to know they aren't real yummy cupcakes?

Chill out, mom!!!! You're causing my tail to drop!

When things effect me in a stressful way I like to make a poop or chew a pillow. Mom isn't like that come to find out.

Anyway, can you believe they put this crazy hat on me? I don't sit still for very long so they must have intrigued me with a peanut butter covered doggy treat for me to get this photo. Those people are clever. I have to go for a bit....I hear jingle bells and to me that means something to chew!

Licks to you!

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