Friday, December 19, 2008

Fridays with FINNEGAN ~ So I can't pee on the tree?

This Christmas Stuff is tiring!

Hey There! Finnegan here. I'm bored today. The weather outside is frightful. And I am forced to lay on my doggy bed again and watch re-runs of The Dog Whisperer. The shows are like soap operas to me. Some dogs just have no manners! What's up with the one dog who jumps on the counter and eats the food? I could never do that! Primarily because of my leg injury...Otherwise, I guess I would do that.

Over the past few weeks, my mom and dad have been busy with work.

Dad has been going to Stewart's Draft, VA every day...leaving at 9 a.m. coming home around 11 p.m.

Mom has been working in the schools as a Teacher Assistant. She comes home really tired because she is not physically fit and her stamina and energy level sucks. Don't tell mom I told you that. She needs to eat better and exercise. She's not a spring chicken anymore and I fear that she is just too lazy and unmotivated to take care of herself. When she comes home, I want to play, she wants to eat a bowl of cereal and go to bed. I hate that. Mom needs Richard Simmons to come in. But I think Richard Simmons is scary.

Sometimes I'm home alone and I sleep, sneak on the couch and nap, and walk around and smell things or I'll find a sock under the bed and chew on it. I love finding socks under the bed. It has mommy and daddy's smell on it and I love to be near them when they aren't around. Most people would think stinky socks are gross. I love stinky socks.

Sometimes Pop-Pop Jim comes over and plays with me. I looooove Pop-Pop Jim! He is one of my favorite people in the whole wide entire puppy universe. He plays rough with me and I like that! He's a dog's man!! I'm tired of being all pansy-like and sitting around trying to mind my manners.

I'm a dog, damnit! I want to play and run around and dig holes and eat weird things!

Pop Pop plays mock wrestling with me and I flop and jump around him and he acts like he won but we all know I am the winner!

My folks brought in a real Christmas tree last week and decorated it. I so want to pee in it.

It smells like the forest and I miss the forest! I would pee everywhere when I would go for walks in the forest. Pee in the bunny patch, Pee in the holly bush, Pee in the deer brush, pee in the soybean farm. Then I would make a poop somewhere... Then I would go back to peeing. It makes me feel like I'm leaving my mark somewhere, ya know?!
Why can't I pee in the tree? (Deep Sigh) Rules, Rules Rules....

Ok, Mommy just thew me a peanut butter bone so I'm outta here and will catch you guys later!
Woof and Licks!


todds_wife said...

Finnagan -
Potter the Tibetan terrier here, and brother, you took the words out of my snout... I am always thrilled when mom comes home and I can't wait to play.. she wants me to sit quietly on the sofa and snuggle... that's no fun!!
And this tree in the living room that I can't lift my leg on is killing me!! When they brought it in, I thought they finally figured out that it sucks for me to have to do my thing in the cold and brought me an indoor potty - but no! It is for "decoration"...

You stay solid, dude - and have Happy Holidays... (that PB bone sounds great!)

Woof Woof,
Potter in Denver

Vintage Gal said...

Potter, you're my bro, dude! Let's stay in touch, ok? woof and sniffs to you!

Lori (MrsB1021) said...

That was quite entertaining :o)