Monday, December 15, 2008

MAGICAL Christmas Images

Happy Holidays Friends!

I stumbled upon some beautiful images from that I thought you would all enjoy! They evoke a really pristine and ethereal-like Christmas. The site has some really fun and unique images for use.


Evangeline / BRAT Girl said... beautiful! I love that first one you posted! With all of your inspiration, I'm inspired to go back to decorating with more Victorian influence. I used to, but somewhere along the line things changed (darn DH and his stainless steel). :)

Hope all is well - 9 days and counting down. How did that sneak up on us?

Anonymous said...

Those pics are lovely! Makes me think of a time before Political Correctness. A day of department store displays, Christmas programs at school and church. Those were the days! Thanks for posting those pictorial memory joggers!