Thursday, August 21, 2008

At Last I can Shop without GUILT!

It took one commercial to make me socially conscious of Animal Rights and Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. Thanks to Sarah McLaughlin's "In the Arms of an Angel" commercial (see bottom of blog), I was determined to be more mindful of what products I purchase and how that money will not go into corporations that perpetuate and support testing on innocent animals.

Yeah, I've become one of "those people".

I used to think they were radical and didn't make sense. I am now happy and proud to say that I am more aware of the products I bring into my home and the responsibility as a consumer that I have to choose fair items free from any kind of animal testing.

Recently, I came across this site, LEAPING BUNNY, which educates people on the types of cruelty-free products that are available on the market.

How many times I go shopping and I wish I knew what items are "guilt-free". Now I have the power to make that informed decision thanks to this site! Click here for a downloadable shopping guide as to what beauty products are free of animal testing!

Please educate and understand that there are many things we buy for our vanity/beauty that do not have to be tested on these creatures. Buy pure, buy simply.

Thanks for stopping bye!

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L.A. Maven said...

Hi, just came across your blog. Thought I would let you know about a new site called There are currently three animal rights debates going on, including one about animal testing. PETA is arguing against the practice, while an expert named Wesley J. Smith writes: "New Medical Products Must be Tested in Living Organisms." May be worth checking out.