Thursday, August 28, 2008

A Stroll through NEWTOWN, PA

One of the huge advantages of living where I do, is that I am only a few miles from some many historic and quaint areas of Bucks County.

I spent the day strolling through historic NEWTOWN, PA - a mere 11 minutes from my house.
Newtown is considered one of the oldest small town in America with homes dating back to the pre-revolutionary war days.

How would you like to live in an apartment dating back to 1743?

I asked my Godmother, Aunt Anna, to join me as it was her birthday!

Happy Birthday, Aunt Anna!

Our first stop was The Zebra Striped Whale, a local confectionery and ice cream parlor.

Talk about EYE CANDY!!!!

I decided to order a very healthy breakfast...- NOT! I went for the
ELVIS CREPE: Ready? It's a sweet homemade crepe made right there on the spot filled with sweet cream ice cream, caramelized bananas, peanut butter, rolled in whipped cream and sprinkled with Butterfingers on top.
Oh Yeah Kashi, step aside!

Someone Pinch Me!

Do Not Disturb. I am having a moment with my crepe!
Can't. Speak. I'm in Heaven!

Where have you been all my life, you sexy crepe?

Still. Eating. Savoring this magic moment.

ahhhh, thank ya...thank ya very much, Elvis!
Elvis Crepe has left the plate...and is in my belly.

This is what we saw as we exited the building. Stop Taunting us!!!

Our Next Stop as we digested paradise, was a little shop owned by two sisters called THE NEST

Colorful Autumn Displays

Whole store smelled wonderful with a myriad of candle scents

We spent a really nice 2 hours strolling the streets and window shopping. My favorite window was this one, from Zebra Striped Whale.
Love the colors!

Thanks for stopping bye!


Anonymous said...

LOL, great pics! ;)

And man, does that crepe look fabulous!

mrs.leah.maria said...

I love the pictures of you with the crepe!

So many goodies!

paisleyduke said...

Oh, now I want a crepe! Your area looks lovely.

Lola said...

That looks like such a nice day! That crepe was insane, though!

I would love to see a photo diary like this for New Hope (just because I am obsessed with that town)!

- LolaBlog

Anonymous said...

Looks like an AWESOME time! I love those apothecaries with candy! LOVE!