Wednesday, August 13, 2008

"TWISTER" finds a home!

Here are some photos of our Foster Pup, "Twister". We found a FOREVER HOME for him in about 4 days after we posted on CL! They are a nice family with a 2 acre fenced yard and pond in the suburbs. Perfect for this mixed breed who just loves to run!

I wrote them a letter in his doggy voice:

Dear New Forever Family~

I’ve been saying my puppy prayers for such a long time and now I know I have a guardian angel pooch looking after me.

You see, I always wanted to be someone’s pet instead of being caged in the shelter. When the nice people at the shelter found me, I was lost and stray and had no place to go.

There were so many other sad dogs with no homes and I hoped that when they brought me to PetSmart someone would like me enough to take me home. I was so happy my foster mommy and daddy brought me to an actual loving home, that I took a wee wee in excitement! I really liked their dog, Finnegan, but he seems sad and tired from his trauma.

I’m a puppy and I have a lot of energy and excitement and being able to play with my human brothers will give me great exercise!

I am always hungry but maybe once I get neutered I will be more regulated. I also drink a lot of water because I’m so full of energy.

I love to play fetch and run after balls.

When I get tired, I want to be with my foster mom and I curl up on her feet to take a nap! I love Finnegan’s doggie bed and have been sleeping in it since I am quicker to plop down on it than he is.

I am currently teething and love to chew on my puppy teething ring. I love to learn manner and ask for you to be patient with me as I learn where my boundaries are.

I love to run and run and go for long walks. Sometimes when I walk I tend to lead but if you take me for walks enough I will learn to walk with and beside you instead of ahead of you. Just very gently nudge me back and reward me with a treat every time. I’ll get the hang of it. I can go jogging and running with you too. I’m very versatile with my neat stealth puppy skills.

When I am left alone, I get nervous because I think I am going to be abandoned again. Make sure you exercise me and get a lot of my energy out before you leave me so I can spend more time sleeping zzzzzzz and less time crying and worrying. Again, if you wouldn’t mind being patient with me as I learn to be a good boy.

My foster mommy and daddy got quite attached to me and they said if I don’t work out with you, you can bring me back to them. It’s nice to be loved by so many people!

They also asked if you could send them pictures and keep them updated on me on occasion because they love me so much. Thank you!

Finnegan and I like to watch “our stories” on tv like DOG WHISPERER and IT’s ME OR THE DOG. We think the whole idea of exercise, gentle discipline and affection works for us. We are easy-going like that.

I know I am new right now and will get a lot of attention at first especially from my happy human brothers but as time goes by if you could please still remember that I need lots of love, affection and exercise to be a well adjusted and balanced dog, I will love and lick you for life!

I can’t thank you enough for opening up your home and your life to me. I will do my doggie best to be loved by you and if you ever want to snuggle with me, please feel free! I love snuggles!

I am so glad we are going to be together now. . . . so let’s go play and have fun!

All my Love, Licks and Paw Prints,

Your grateful new pet


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