Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Better Late Than Never - Lawn Furniture Redo

Last year while perusing the many chippy happy Country Living and Romantic Cottage magazines for Spring, I was determined to find a sweet old vintage lawn chair set.

You know, the kind that has a bowl of summer berries on it, little gingham tablecloth and a few pitchers of pink lemonade.

My favorite local shop, Vintage Funk, just had such a set dropped off. 4 chairs and a collapsible table for $19.00.

It was cheap because it was in poor condition. Rusty nails and hinges, peeling paint and a wobbly table made it a steal. So I snatched it up and brought it home. Never to work on it.

Fast forward to this summer. It has been sitting outside for an entire year and has gotten worse.

I told my husband we should just throw it out but he claims it can still be salvaged for even decoration. (The thought of throwing anything out makes my husband CRINGE).

So today....on one of the last waning days of summer....I got the motivation to work on it. Just in time to put it away for Fall!

A light sanding, a coat of spray paint primer, a few coats of white spray paint. It's not in any better condition except for cosmetic. I just don't have the patience to redo it all. But for 19 bucks, hey!

Better late than never.



Stay tuned for next summer when hopefully, it will have a vase of flowers on it and perhaps that pitcher of lemonade afterall!

Thanks for stopping bye!

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Katie said...

I love me a good before & after post! Combo that with a thrifty find and I'm good till Monday.

You did a GREAT JOB!

Those look brand spankin beautiful!