Monday, September 29, 2008


A new feature profiling my favorite, most beloved movies and why I adore them.

Daniel Day Lewis
Madeline Stowe
Directed by MICHAEL MANN
Something about this movie stirs some real deep emotions inside me.

Maybe it's the lush cinematography of early American colonies, the riveting scenes of battle and survival, the romantic simplicity between the main characters of Hawkeye and Cora who fall in love based on witnessing one another's life's passion and protection of each other, the self sacrifice of Duncan and the amazing innocence of untold and unexplored secret love of Alice and Uncas.

Everything about this movie from the story to the soundtrack is merit-worthy of greatness.

Being that I am a huge history buff and love learning about Native American cultures, I was intrigued and impressed with this film since I saw it at it's release in 1992. Today, I can watch it over and over and still find something new and incredible about it. The theme of family (2 sisters meeting their rescuers of 2 brothers...the father of Hawkeye and Uncas is the Last of the Mohicans) and tradition and honor runs through the movie with a powerful sense of emotion.
Watch it. You'll be glad you did. Better yet, read the book by James Fenimore Cooper

More info on this great film is found here.

For those that have already seen it, relive the end scenes here. (Spoiler)

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