Wednesday, September 3, 2008

On a Whim and a Prayer

"Do you have any plans for today?" asked hubby

"Nope." I replied.

"And since I picked last weekend's plans, it's up to you to come up with something fun and interesting!" I added.

3 hours later, the husband suggested a drive to Elk Neck State Park, Maryland.

Being desperate to get out of the house on a glorious gorgeous Sunday afternoon, I agreed.

"It's going to take us a good 2.5 hours to get there" I explained.

"No, it won't. 1 hour tops!" husband challenged.

Why do I listen to him?

"Are you kidding me? It takes an hour just to get to Delaware from here!"

What is he trying to prove, I thought....

"So what, we have no plans today...let's just go!"

"Fine" I agreed.
Um, this is way past an hour drive. He thinks he's "on top of it all"

I ask "Are we there yet?" I'm overheated, dehydrated and tired.
What do you mean you're not sure this is where it is!!!! @)(#)(@*

His response?...

Finnegan also asks "Are we there yet? I gotta pee, man"

We continued to drive...and drive some more...and just when you think we are near where we need to be, we continue to ...ya a bit more. FINALLY! We arrive. I don't even know why we are driving here.

We could have gone to any state park in our OWN area...Why Maryland? Because lovely husband had a personal agenda in mind: scouting expedition for future kayak trip. I was just along for the ride. I was miffed. Leave it to a guy to rethink the phrase "romantic couple bonding time". Grrrr

We managed to hike a whopping 1.8 miles to Turkey Hill Lighthouse overlooking the Chesapeake via steep bluffs.

I think we stayed a total of 15 minutes then headed the heck out of there. Green flies, mosquitoes and gnats considered us a delicious buffet.

Still peeved that he had an ulterior motive to this excursion, he made it up to me by stopping for homemade ice cream at Havre de Grace.

Surely Ice cream will appease her heart!

I smell a State Park!

Cute little town along the drive.

The Ride Home
Finnegan is having doggie dreams of all the places he peed and poo-ed

Final Sunset makes it all worthwhile...

We laughed. I cried. We hiked. We conquered the bluff. We smacked flies off our skin. We got lost. We found ice cream. We marveled at the sunsets.

Ok. That's it.

Thanks for stopping bye!


Finesse said...

What a great idea; taking turns picking a fun day!
Since mine was not so successful, he gets a try this week. We'll see how that goes!

Abby said...

Oh that view is BEAUTIFUL!!!!