Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Dear Grandmom,

I doubt highly that you are in heaven right now reading blogs...but just in case the words somehow are carried to your soul, I wanted to write you a letter.

I want to thank you for being my girlfriend for 37 years. Having you watch me while I was a little girl so mom could bring in some extra money, sleep over at your house, go to mass and breakfast at the diner every Sunday... I thank you for spending so much time with me while I was young and how you continued to look after me even as a young adult, your wisdom formed and molded me into someone I am proud of.

I want to thank you for going places with me when nobody else wanted to...for waiting for me to get done work on Fridays so I wouldn't drive to the seashore alone....for treating me to lunch at Friendly's so many times....for the breakfasts at IHOP (you loved that rootie tootie fresh and fruity pancakes and the funnel cakes) You always had powdered sugar on your lips!
I want to thank you for raising my mom to be the woman I most admire today. The fact that you opened up a neighborhood store back in the day when women just stayed home with their little ones, showed an independent spirit....now all the women in our family somehow have their own niche to share with the world.

I want to thank you for Sunday dinners at your house, and Monday soup night pick-ups for all the working family to come and pick up your homemade soup....You constantly thought of how to make your family's life easier.

When Gramps died, I know you died too. You loved him so much and your passion for life diminished. That's what happens to a broken heart....but you never wanted to be a burden to any of us...and you watched as grandchildren married and gave you great-grandchildren. You now had a new reason to live!

I was there with you through it all. You were beyond a mere Grandmom. You were my Girlfriend...I loved putting blush on you in the hospital and barrettes in your hair. I loved how even the Sunday before God called you home you were modeling your look for the "camera".

We did so much together. Being roomates, I could hear you prayers at night. You never ever stopped praying for me. You called me everyday and got sad when you didn't see me for more than 3 days. It helps we lived so close.

Grandmom, you were SUPER GLUE...always holding our Italian crew together...telling us to overlook each other's faults and just be happy in the moment. You always brought back memories of your days growing up and what real sacrifice and commitment and love of family meant. I honor those stories of the old days...maybe that's why I always feel like I don't belong in this generation but in yours...when respect and joy for the smallest things took precedence over matieral gain.

I miss you. You know that. Your death was not the way you wanted. None of us did. You fought and struggled right till the end. When I finally told you to go to sleep, your breathing and restlessness started to fade....We kept vigil over you for 3 days and that final night we watched as the Full Moon came out and your soul finally went home to Jesus.

We sang old Italian songs and reminisced about times shared with you. I have so much more to share with you...will you still be able to hear me?

Can you see me where you are?

We had a very special bond...does it still exist while you are in heaven? Please say it does.

You know I love you, Grandmom. I'll see you in my dreams...I'll pray to you for strength and wisdom and courage...and to do the right thing everyday.

Be my friend forever as I will be yours.


Finesse said...

Of course she can hear you!

She will always be listening; always be watching; always be loved; always be remembered.

Here's to Grandmom! Thanks for giving us 'Marialena'!

Sirkfeb1 said...

Marialena, I am so sorry about your grandmom. I know there isn't anything I can say to make you feel better but just losing a grandparent myself I know how it feels. Just keep sharing those stories and memories. That is what she would want I am sure!

. said...

I believe they can hear us:) ((Hugs))

Jewels said...

Aww, sorry to hear about your Grandmom! I love reading your blog and this made me tear up!