Thursday, September 11, 2008

TALENT CALL: Who Among You is Up for the Challenge?

I know there are so many talented people in blog-land and I was hoping to find one who can assist me in my small business needs.

First and foremost, I need a website. I would prefer to find someone who can set up a few customized pages with a "vintage and feminine look" like the ones found here at Avalon Rose Designs. Nothing to technically fancy... Being that I am on a budget and would like to know how to easily switch up the visuals or templates on a whim (since I tend to like to create constant new looks), I would want someone who can walk me through the steps of getting a site done.

I have budgeted some fees aside and would love to know if anyone is interested in helping me out with a design plan for a website and/or brochure with props to you of course indicated on the site.

If you know of anyone, please contact me at or Thank you so much!

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