Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Halloween COSTUME(s) for SALE

Oh yes, I used to frequently get into the spirit of Halloween (especially at work and happy hour).

I won 2 dress up contests consecutively ... but alas, the stuff no longer fits neither me nor my closet and so it must go.

Here I am selling this dramatic Colonial/RenFaire Costume. It has thick brocade-like fabric, detailed with lace and cording and ribbon. I bought it off of a fashion student on ebay and only wore it once for a few hours. She designed it and sewed it so I know it's good quality and not some "Made in China" number.

I paid $75 which I think is a bargain compared to the flimsy stuff you see at Halloween Adventure. I'm asking $50 or Best Offer to make room in my closet.

It fits beautifully for a S/M figure. Bust is up to 36, Waist is up to 27 and the Hips are free. I love the weight of it and the ease of zipper in the back. Can be worn on or off shoulder with shawl for dramatic effect.

Color is burgundy/cranberry.

The second costume was a vintage find off of ebay as well. This is an old square dance dress from the 50's. I think I paid about $35 for it a few years ago. I wore a cheap crinoline under it and white socks and maryjane shoes.

Kelly Green with little cute polka dots

I was trying to be Riverdance....Me. An Italian chick dressing up as an Irish Step Dancer.

I guess they were desperate that year because I won (and got a few phone numbers of eligible guys at the club).

It was quite entertaining to watch. Anyway, other ideas would be a square dancer (an original idea, eh?), a beer maiden, Swiss Miss or just save it for St. Patrick's Day.

I'm asking $20 or Best Offer. It's a size S. Bust up to 34, Waist up to 26.
Fits about a size 5/6 or 7/8

It twirls out really nice when you spin

I'll post more costumes in this post as I dig out more in my cramped closet!
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