Monday, October 6, 2008

MOVIE MONDAY - mirroring the 1930's....

The current economy is making me think that our lives somehow are starting to mirror that of 1930's and THE GREAT DEPRESSION.

Our grandparents and great-grandparents would consider it a true act of luxury and a treat to go to the movie or cinema (back then a quarter or cheaper for a matinee) and watch a flick for a few hours. This provided a much needed temporary escape route from the toil and drudgery of harsh economic times.

Since I love old movies, it's not hard to pick one from my memory that perhaps provided such a diversion from the mundane economic downfall of the 1930's.

This week, I am focusing on FOOTLIGHT PARADE...a classic gem full of spectacular choreography from the great Busby Berkeley, kitschy dance numbers with Dick Powell and Ruby Keeler and Hollywood legend, James Cagney (a dancer before a stereotyped film mobster).

Watch for great catchy musical numbers like Honeymoon Hotel and Shangai Lil. Rest assured, it's not all song and's fun acting at a time when Hollywood was only starting to gleam the definition of "craft".

So much fun to see the fashions of the day and the mannerisms too!

I love this movie. It's cornier than an Iowa field. It's fluff. It's like eating ice cream after a spicy meal...soothing and fun. Absolutely adorable with a capital "A".

If you don't mind stepping back in time (seems like the stock market doesn't seem to mind slipping back to 1929 thank you very much) and imagining what our grandparents must have felt like to feel entertained and invigorated if only for a few hours, then you will cherish this little gem.

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