Tuesday, October 14, 2008

My New Product CRUSH

I love all things paper.
I love all things vintagey.
I love all things vintagey and paper.
So I went on Cavallini & Co. website and found all the stuff I lust over. I will be keeping my eye open for these products in specialty shops like Barnes & Noble and online stores like Papersource. Thanks for stopping by!


Abby said...

oh too cute! I think I made NEED some!!!

fioretta said...

I love Cavallini! I have a couple wall calendars that I found at B&N a few years ago - I still have them because I intend to use the illustrations for something, eventually!

BRAT girl said...

I want these! I'm always looking for things like this too. I hate the Staples rainbow pack of folders. Nothing says "no style juvenile" like an assortment of primary colors. I haven't come across these ones until your post! :)