Friday, October 17, 2008

I Heart Business & Calling Cards

I love interesting business cards.

I also like the idea of passing out the old-time calling cards
as people used to do.

Instead of digging in your purse for pen and paper, you would hand them a calling card with name and address...nowadays we could update them with email, cell, blog address, etc.

It's so interesting to see the different designs and patterns and unique styles of business and calling cards. Here are a few I am currently admiring and drawing inspiration from:

Brilliant! Two-sided business card w/owner's self branding! Cute!
Wet Paper Bag gets a four star rating for ingenuity in shape!

Wow. Look closely, you can almost feel the letters pressed into the card just from viewing it!

I love the rounded corners and simple illustration of Paulabirdy's card! from Paulabirdy's blog
Clever use for an old ruler! This is genius to put a business card on wood!

I love the vintage image used for this card! found on one of my favorite magazine, Victoria Magazine

A great visual hangtag for business design by Phrizbie-Design, Inc.

Really cute die-cut look from Phrizbie-Design, Inc.

the scrolled edges on this card are so elegant!
from Smashing Magazine and Creative Bits

Hope you gained some inspiration from these wonderful designs! Thanks for stopping by!


fioretta said...

Ooh, I share your love of interesting business cards and other promotional materials. I just love it when I see one that is unique!

Tammy said...

I love the idea of calling cards & you're right - perfect now for web addresses and phone #s. I also like that you do all of the 'research' and share! :)

Finesse said...

I love calling it weird that I use them?

SyedMuddassar said...

I think calling cards used only in call system.? My idea rite or wrong please til me.
Discount Cards.