Friday, July 25, 2008


I didn't have time to do all the flea market photos I wanted but here are some items I'm sad to see go.

When you have a tiny home you need LOTS of space and whatever you aren't wearing or using, you have to say Goodbye to!

So here are a few items up for sale this week:

Vintage Square Dance or Irish Step Dress!
I believe this was made in the late 50's and worn with a crinoline underneath.
But I wore it for St. Paddy's Day and won 1st place! Shame, I only wore it for 3 hours but I looked damn cute in it! It swirls out really nicely and makes a great Halloween or St. Patty's costume.
I paid $40.00 on ebay.
I'm selling it for $20 or BEST OFFER
Size S/M 34 bust and 26-27 waist

Marc Chagall's "MARIEE" Poster Print. Retails $22.00.
I'm asking $8.00 OBO
Sage Green Cotton Stretch Pique Slipcovers. Two Pieces.
One for Large Couch, One for Large Chair. I paid over $200.00 for them last year. I'm asking $30.00 for both - OBO
Shown here from Domestications in other colors.

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