Sunday, July 27, 2008

~My NOCTURNAL DREAM DIARY~ Starry Skies & Lit Cathedrals

Thanks to a new medication I am taking, I am experiencing some bizarre and vivid dreams. I won't be sharing all of them with you, of course,
but the ones that had great imagery are meant to show off!

Last night (or was it early this morning) I had dreamt that I was in some sort of odd waiting in line scenario for a train I kept missing. I come to find out that the reason why I am waiting so much is because I'm being held in a "passive aggressive" type hostage situation. Weirdness, I know. Anyway, I was able to escape the long line of waiting and break free and discovered that myself and everyone else that was waiting in this perpetual train station were being kept inside a large "faux atmospheric bubble-like roof"

Are you following along out there? I's patient.

So once I discovered that this paper roof was a facade, I ripped it off and floated out of the station scenario. Next thing I know, I am softly soaring out of the bubble and into the real night-time sky (kind of like Peter Pan) and I can see what's below me for the first time.


Beautiful cityscapes lit in soft amber hues and sparkling lights.

Above me are swirls of magical stars twinkling like diamonds.

Below me, I was able to see Cathedrals and churches and buildings lit from within. They resembled these:

And school children dancing in small streets - they looked like they were prepping for an early morning parade of some kind.

It was so nice...I felt myself waking and I tried to hang on to the imagery as long as I could.

For those of you who can psychologically uncover what the hidden meaning of dreams are, go to it. Be My Guest....

Thanks for stopping bye.

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