Monday, July 14, 2008

I'm addicted to Sex....tuplets ! !

Monday Night.

For most people it would mean laundry or football (when it's football season).

For me, it's the night I watch new epi's of Jon & Kate + 8. Something about that family really intrigues me.

Maybe it's the fact that Jon is only half Korean and the kids are only 1/4 yet they are all adorable Asian in appearance.

Or it could be the fact that Kate is anal retentive about certain things and does not care to apologize for it...what you see is what you get (I love that about her).

Maybe I am loving the fact that I can watch 6 little wee ones grow up without the hassle of changing poopie diapers and scraping gum off of stuffed animals.

How about Maddie? Maybe I love to watch a recycled 75 year old fiesty woman trapped in an 8 year old little girl's spirit.

I think it is fascinating to see how real people live with real headaches among miraculous circumstances. I know it gets a lot of criticism and to those people, I say....walk a day in their shoes and then comment.

P.S. I sure do wish I had friends like Beth!

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