Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Why I Use Daily Affirmations

Having suffered from an anxiety and panic disorder for most of my adult life, I often found myself in the perils of depression and worry.

As Anne of Green Gables would call it "the depths of despair".

Oh, I loved Anne of Green Gables but that's another post entirely.

Recently, while watching an episode of Oprah on the Law of Attraction in your life, I decided to create daily affirmations to myself and to read them as often as I could during the course of the day....fully tasting the truth of every word like it was a piece of much-craved apple pie.

Once I breath it all in and really started to focus my attention to being grateful for what I have instead of focusing on what I do not have...I felt the physical and physiological burden of stress flit away gradually.

I continually have to measure myself for good balance on my positive and negative thoughts and that takes work and energy and discipline. It's exercise.

By writing down core beliefs you want to have , then saying them in your head as often as you can till you truly believe it, you create a form of spiritual medication for a tired soul. It's a gift that you give yourself. Like a mini emotional makeover.

I hope you enjoy these Daily Affirmations and I hope you can create your own to help you attain a more harmonious life as well.

Be Blessed!

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