Wednesday, July 16, 2008


My mom was born in 1938. She was a mere toddler during WW2 and post-War America. She relied on her imagination to entertain herself back then as many of the current "kid inventions" weren't even yet ideas.

30 something years later, she now had daughter #3 (yours truly) to keep entertained on long summer days. Her other two daughters were already young teens and I was the one who constantly complained of being "bored". Augh I can hear myself now, whining and complaining: "But I already played what?"

Every summer as the family trekked down the seashore of New Jersey for the annual family week vacation, a one day excursion into historic Cape May, NJ was on the adult "TO DO" list. Back then, I found it boring to go a historical town...there were no rides and boardwalks to meander on.

Mom would go into one of the many historic-based toy stores and pick up a pack of PAPER DOLLS for me to play with. It was something that she played with when she was my age and she assumed I would enjoy it as well.

Of course, the age of instant gratification and over-stimulation had already started in the late 1970's so a book of paper dollies was nothing too impressive to me. It didn't light up, make noise or come with a barbie corvette.

Now, at age 37, I realize how wonderful it was that my mom was trying to pass on a fun activity she used to partake in as a young girl.....It's funny how we appreciate things so much more later in years than at the time

I would be thrilled today if my mom handed me a vintage book of paper dolls. I would certainly find a cute place of honor for them in my home.

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fioretta said...

I loved playing with paper dolls when I was younger! You should check etsy, I bet there are some floating around...