Monday, July 28, 2008

~MOTIVATION MONDAY~ Basement Craft Room

It's no secret that Monday is the most uninspiring day of the week. But after watching a bevy of Home Organizing and Remodeling shows during the weekend (while folding laundry and dusting furniture), I think Mondays may be the best opportunity to formulate the still-fresh concepts from these programs and put them into practical use.

I always get so excited and inspired to watch episodes of NEAT with Helen Buttigieg. She has such clever and practical tips on organizing; and she presents them in a very direct and simple format that helps even the most overwhelmed clutter bug.

This weekend, the focus was on a couple who had to downsize from a large home into a smaller one. The woman used the basement for 3 purposes: storage, toddler play area, and personal craft space.

It was a royal mess.

But Helen fixed it beautifully.

Such inspiration! Wish me luck, I'm off to organize the office!

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